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12 people are supporting Willow Creek’s Partnership in Chitipa, Malawi

Willow Creek’s Partnership in Chitipa, Malawi

One out of every two people on this planet struggles to feed and educate their children. When powered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives. For 40 years, Opportunity International has provided the savings, loans, training and insurance that all people need to create a better future for their families and their communities.

About this project

“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

Since 2010, Willow Creek and Opportunity have partnered to give voice to thousands in Chitipa, Malawi. Today, we are transforming 8,756 families, empowering them to discover and build on their God-given talents along their journey out of poverty. Armed with the dignity God intends for all, grassroots entrepreneurs are now feeding their families, sending their children to school and increasing their capacity to support the local church - a true testimony of transformation. Please consider building the global Church and sending the message that God loves all His children, from South Barrington to Chitipa and beyond.

Every gift for the 2013 Celebration of Hope will be for:


Trust Groups bring together grassroots entrepreneurs who receive the tools they need to begin their journey out of poverty. Microloans, access to savings and life skills training empower Willow Care Groups, many of them women, to grow their business and increase their income.

•Parents can put nutritious food on the family table
•Children receive the education their parents couldn’t previously afford
•Communities are empowered to thrive and lift each other up

As iron sharpens iron, your support empowers Trust Group members to realize their potential and care for one another as never before.


Opportunity empowers coffee farmers in the hills of Chitipa to maximize their harvest through crop-specific loans and insurance, savings accounts and technical assistance. Farmers not only feed their own families, but their neighbors, communities and nation. Your support sends a powerful message.

• Providing loans and agricultural training to talented farmers
• Helping farmers obtain quality seeds and fertilizer to grow high-quality food
• Uplifting rural communities with a path to sustainability through agriculture

Rural farmers are rich in talent and your support ensures abundant opportunity.


Opportunity is committed to reaching Chitipa’s most isolated communities. Your support enables Opportunity to bring financial services and support to the doorstep of the most deserving families.
• Keeping Chitipa’s mobile bank van running, reaching even more Care Group families
• Providing Opportunity’s staff with motorbikes to reach isolated clients with critical tools
• Ensuring families have a safe, convenient place to make deposits, withdraw cash, get a loan and purchase insurance.

Help raise the physical and spiritual health of the poor. Your support seeks out those who have been historically denied the dignity God intends for all His children.

Your support will help

In 2003, Opportunity Malawi launched a bank to serve people living in poverty. To reach remote communities with savings, loans and insurance products, Opportunity uses mobile bank vehicles, ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) devices at local businesses. This allows people to access financial services locally in their own villages, saving the time and cost of travel. Opportunity also offers biometric fingerprint identification on an ID card, so that even clients without formal identification can keep their savings secure.

By contributing to this Rural Expansion Initiative, you are helping to expand access to financial services so that more people in rural Malawi will be able to secure their savings, borrow capital for their businesses, receive training to develop professional and life skills, and purchase insurance to protect their assets. With your help, we can empower people to work their way out of chronic poverty, transforming their lives, their children's futures and their communities.

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