About the Current Situation in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is weathering its biggest uprising since the civil war ended in 1990. Protests began on April 18, following proposed changes to taxes and pensions, and the reaction to these protests escalated rapidly into violence. As a result, the country has experienced violent attacks, looting, and larceny, particularly at night. In addition, many people have experienced food and gas shortages, and hundreds of road blocks make it difficult to move from one area to another.

Our two Nicaraguan partners—ASODENIC and NICACED—have been forced to close or suspend many of their operations in order to keep our staff and clients safe. In the midst of this turmoil, however, we have seen impressive displays of resilience from our staff and clients. You can learn more about the current status of our friends and partners here.

Your financial support will help us maintain our staff through this season of uncertainty and mitigate the financial risks facing our clients. We will continue to work with our Nicaraguan partners to determine the areas of greatest need as the situation develops moving forward.