Help a family in need to break the cycle of poverty
for their children today

The next generation is counting on us. Right now, children are being raised in the depths of poverty with no visible way out—but you can break the cycle now. Your gift can provide 2 critical tools to a family: a business loan for the parents and an education loan for the children. Together, these financial tools help parents make more money and help children go to a good school. Will you help the next generation break free from poverty?

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What Your Gift Will Do

Funding Futures

Not long ago, Sindhu and Sekinder’s family of seven in central India were in the throes of extreme poverty and hunger. While both parents grew up in a low caste and did not finish school, they were determined to break that cycle for their children by becoming financially stable and giving them an education. Through Opportunity, the family received a business loan to start a rickshaw business, and they also took out EduFinance loans to provide educations for all five of their daughters, ranging in ages from 12 to 25. Each of the girls now have big dreams for their careers, from civil engineering to medicine. Sindhu says, “I feel proud of my daughters. I know they will do their best.” With your support, families like this one can build a stable income, put nutritious food on the table, and give their children an education.


Growing Harvests and Dreams

Abdul has been processing rice in her village in Ghana her whole life. About two years ago, she became an Opportunity client with the hope of better supporting her three children. Abdul did not finish school, so her dream was for her children to receive a full education—something they couldn't achieve as long as she was only producing two bags of rice each week. With the support and training she received alongside her Opportunity loan, she is now able to sell 6X as much rice! “My hope for the future is to be financially independent. I really want to give my children the opportunity I did not have: education. I don’t want them to go through what I have suffered by not being educated. The only way out is through education.”


Opening New Doors

As farmers from a village with no electricity or cell phone network, Musah and her family of seven struggled to get by despite tumultuous weather conditions and a lack of supplies. Without enough fertilizer or quality seeds, their crops did not provide enough money to feed the whole family or send their children to school. When Musah joined Opportunity as a client, she received fertilizer, a tractor, weed killer, and training in best agricultural practices to produce a bountiful harvest. The increased yields now allow her four sons and one daughter to eat well and attend school. Musah says, “When I was a child, I did not get the opportunity to get educated. I think it’s important to educate my children so they can have choices.” Your gift today will provide loans to another family like Musah’s, who dreams of breaking the cycle of poverty with their children, once and for all.


Thousands of families are ready to work and educate their children. You can help them realize their dreams starting now.