Every $270 gives a woman the opportunity to work her way out of poverty and get where she belongs.

When we follow extreme poverty, we often find women who are ostracized from their families, shut out from banks because they don’t have assets, isolated on farms miles from the nearest village. You can give these ambitious women financial solutions that are tailored for her, so she can fulfill the dreams she has for herself and her family. Whether she belongs under a solid roof, in her own restaurant, in a Trust Group, or leading her community—you can help her get where she deserves to be.

What Your Gift Will Do

Grow Businesses For 1.2 Million More Women

Belongs in Her Restaurant
“I buy fish at the docks every morning before the sun rises. With my profits, I have been able to send my children to school and I want to keep them there.”

If there’s one thing Anasleys Vargas knows, it’s fish. In her Trust Group in Columbia, she learned how to maximize her sales and save for home improvements that will keep her children safe and healthy. With her next loan, she could open her own restaurant.

Build a Place of Their Own

Build a Place of Their Own
“I live in a shared house right now, but I have started to build my own house. It’s already partly roofed. I think that maybe after this harvest, I’ll have enough to roof the other side.”

Mujawimana Marie Josee is a rice and maize farmer in Muhanga, Rwanda. Her first harvest produced no rice, only hay for grazing. She used an Opportunity loan and training to improve her harvests and has been slowly building her very first house, brick by brick, so she has a safe and livable space to call her own.

Lift Their Voices

Lift Their Voices
“Here’s my advice for women: stand on your feet. We have many dreams to achieve. Help people in your community. Go forward, don't go back.”

As a woman living in the slums of India, Samiksha Devi is overcoming incredible challenges in her life with Opportunity by her side. As the leader of her Trust Group, she passes her strength to the other women and encourages them to take advantage of their opportunities like she has. She wants to use her next loan to open a chicken shop—which would help create jobs for her neighbors.

Be Safe and Cared For

Be Safe and Cared For
“Sometimes women think they cannot go at it on their own. I tell them no—that things are not so. I’m an example of that, I’ve succeeded. I have fallen and gotten back up and here I am.”

When Elsa Martinez was just 9 years old, she had to flee from her town when it was taken over by armed bandits. Later as the mother of five children, she was abandoned by her husband and left to be the sole provider. She has been relentless in her pursuit of safety and stability for herself and her children. Loans, training, and a Trust Group have helped her create the major life changes that she deserved. With Opportunity’s support, she wants to finish her education so she can give back to her neighbors and teach the children at the local school.

You can be a part of these stories. Empower a woman to get where she belongs today.