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When you create an opportunity, you can change a family’s life forever.

Our clients are women and men with ambitious dreams for their futures who simply need an opportunity to thrive. We provide these entrepreneurs with access to financial tools, training, and support that they need to grow their businesses and provide for their families. These resources are the key to helping them work their way out of poverty—forever.

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Enabling Safety and Stability

Mothers around the world yearn to protect their children from violence and poverty. But for women like Yulis living in Colombia, ongoing civil wars threaten their families' safety and put their children at risk. Yulis dreams of building a home in a safer neighborhood and sending her children to college, but right now she struggles just to pay her bills. But with access to loans, training, and support from Opportunity, mothers like Yulis can earn enough money provide for their families — whether that means putting healthy food on the table, a safe roof over their heads, or a textbook in their hands. Your support makes these loans — and countless dreams — possible.

Opportunity International | Yulis

Reaching Those Who Need Us Most

Caroline is the primary provider for her four grandchildren and recently lost everything when a fire ravaged the local market in Uganda where she sells fruits and vegetables. She is fighting to rebuild her business so she can afford to keep her grandchildren in school — and needs our tools and training to do so. We want to reach more families at the base of the economic pyramid, those who need financial resources the most. When you give to Opportunity, you help us bring life - changing programs to these mothers so we can help them rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Opportunity International | Caroline

Improving Health and Wellness

Saleha lives in India in an area marked by desperate poverty. Without access to nutritious foods, healthy sanitation, and clean water, Saleha struggles to protect her children from a host of diseases that put them at risk. And Saleha is not alone — many families suffer from preventable and treatable illnesses, making it difficult for their children to learn and thrive. In response to these challenges, we are training even more of our clients to become Community Health Leaders. These women teach their neighbors about illness prevention, health treatments, nutrition, and proper sanitation. Your support will help train more of these women and arm them with new technologies so they can diagnose diseases and make doctor referrals even faster.

Opportunity International | Saleha

Thousands of mothers are ready to work their way out of poverty.
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