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Funding New Clients in Colombia

Women like Yulis have been impacted or displaced by the ongoing civil war in Colombia. She dreams of building a home for her family and sending her children to college, but she struggles to earn enough to pay her bills and says she often worries about her family's safety in their dangerous community.

In response to the ongoing violence and peace-building process in Colombia, Opportunity has opened two new branches in the "violence corridor," where pre-qualified women are awaiting new loans. Your support makes these loans—and countless dreams—possible.

Opportunity International | Yulis

Preparing for Transformation in Uganda

We are ready to open new transformation offices in Africa to help reach more families at the base of the economic pyramid. Since launching a new office in Malawi this year, we have provided financial training to nearly 100,000 people. With additional support, we can launch this life-changing program in Uganda as well.

Mothers like Caroline Musoke in Uganda would be the direct recipients of Opportunity's transformation services. Caroline is the primary provider for her four grandchildren and recently lost everything when a fire ravaged the local market where she sells fruits and vegetables. She is fighting to rebuild her business so she can afford to keep her grandchildren in school—and needs Opportunity’s tools and training to do so.

Opportunity International | Caroline

Fighting Threats to Farmers in Ghana

Musah Salima constantly worries about the environmental threats that ravage her farm. Recently, maize and soy farmers in Ghana have been struggling with an armyworm infestation that has severely affected their crops and is destabilizing prices.

For farmers like Musah, a hurdle like this could jeopardize an entire year's income. And without a steady source of revenue to pay school fees, her five children are at risk of having to drop out of school. With your support, Opportunity is ready to support farmers with specific training on best practices for fighting the invasion and managing cash flows during this downtime.

Opportunity International | Musah

Serving the Most Marginalized in the Philippines

Your gifts will help us reach mothers like Marilyn who are living on less than $0.50/day and empower them to become self-supporting. Marilyn lives with her husband and three children in a modest shelter in the Philippines. Each day, she struggles to buy enough food to feed her family and cannot even contemplate additional luxuries like medicine or school.

We work with people like Marilyn to establish a source of income and implement a rigorous training program, which kickstarts their journey out of poverty. With your support, Opportunity can expand efforts that focus on this most vulnerable group who are struggling to simply survive.

Opportunity International | Marilyn

Improving Health in India

Sahela lives in Bihar, India's most underdeveloped state. In response to the poor health needs she saw around her, Sahela became a Community Health Leader so she could teach her village about illness prevention, health treatment, nutrition, and proper sanitation.

With your support this winter, we will train more vital Community Health Leaders to 1) grow their health-related businesses and 2) use tablets that will make it easier to diagnose diseases and quickly refer people to the right doctors. Equipped with the right skills and tools, these hardworking women will improve health for families in vulnerable communities across India.

Opportunity International | Saleha

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