About the Trailblazers 

Trailblazers commit to making a monthly gift of at least $15 to support Opportunity’s innovative programs. The Trailblazer community will help fund Opportunity’s new frontiers—allowing the organization to pilot new projects, test ideas, and remain a leader in innovative financial solutions as we work to end extreme poverty.

How do I set up my monthly gift? Choose the amount you want to give each month above, and your card will be automatically charged once a month. That’s it! You can also modify or stop your giving at any time if needed.

Why should I join the Trailblazer community? Consistent giving supports life-changing initiatives, day in and day out. Beyond the incredible programs you will fund, you will also be a part of a community with tremendous collective impact. As the African proverb famously says, “To go far, go together.” This is the core of the Trailblazers—we know that our big, audacious goals will require all of us to work together.

What do I get in return for being a Trailblazer? Our enormous gratitude, of course! 1) If you sign up now, you’ll receive a free calendar featuring Opportunity clients from around the world—a great way to remind yourself that your generosity is being multiplied every month! 2) We’ll also celebrate you by listing your name as a Trailblazer on the Opportunity website. 3) We'll send you updates about the projects you have made possible and the lives that you are transforming. We can’t wait to share your impact with you.