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The tools African families need to achieve their goals are available—but they often remain just out of reach. Without access to education, technology, tools, or training, families remain trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Your support fills the gap between dreams and reality. You create opportunities that change lives. And when you give now, your gifts will be matched $1 for $1 (up to $100,000) by the Phelan Family Foundation and other donors—doubling your impact.

This spring, help us reach 5,000 people in rural Africa, equipping them with the missing pieces they need to pursue their goals and work their way out of poverty—for good.

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The Missing Piece


For years, Benvinda and her neighbors faced a gap between the banking services they wanted and the ones they could access in Mozambique. As a shop owner in a community far from the city center, traveling to the bank to make a deposit required a long, expensive journey that cost Benvinda valuable time away from her business.

But then Benvinda learned about cell phone banking. She discovered that she could complete her transactions from her cell phone instead of traveling to the bank, saving her time and money. Equipped with modern technology, Benvinda had more time to spend growing her business and supporting her three children.

A simple cell phone was the missing piece for Benvinda—and it changed her life.

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Eleven years ago, Violate Matovu and her husband Fred opened Jordan Crossers School. At first, they had three classrooms with dirt floors, five students, and no water. They had a vision, but little else. They longed to be the missing piece for children in their neighborhood—children who previously had to walk two miles to get to the closest school, and who struggled to access the very thing that would make more promising futures possible—but they needed someone to be the missing piece for them.

With loans and training from Opportunity International, Jordan Crossers began to grow. Violate hired more teachers and built new classrooms. Now, her school has 299 students, 13 teachers, 9 classrooms and a dormitory that houses 50 students that live particularly far away.

Violate says, "It's because of Opportunity that the school looks the way that it does."

And it’s because of the school that 300 children have futures full of possibility.

Opportunity International | Education

Improved Seeds and Fertilizer

Martin Mwambujule has always been hardworking and determined, but for years, his farm remained unchanged. More educated farmers in the area were beginning to practice new techniques and use better seeds and fertilizer, but Martin didn’t even know these improvements were an option. He relied upon sporadic rainfall to water his crops, and harvested as much as he could to both feed his family and sell in the local market—usually about eight bags of rice per harvest.

There was a gap between what Martin was and what he could be.

When Martin joined a local farming cooperative and partnered with Opportunity International, he received training and supplies for his farm. He was able to access irrigation and use fertilizer on his rice. Now, connected to the tools he needs, Martin grows 140 bags of rice per harvest—his yield has increased 1,700%!

Opportunity International | Seeds


For years, young women Piriani, Angela, and Bettina faced hopeless futures. They lived in a remote community without access to education, skills training, or the urban economy. Their only aim was survival—because everything else was painfully out of reach.

When Opportunity International approached them with a new program focused on empowering young people just like them, they recognized this was their big opportunity. Through a special youth loans group, these young women received financial training and business loans. Bettina started selling grocery items, Angela decided to sell fabric, and Piriani chose to sell household goods.

Each woman received her missing piece—the opportunity to access the tools and training she needed to not to only survive, but thrive.

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