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School Days Have Already Been Donated

Each day of school is an opportunity for a student to explore, learn and dream of a better future for herself. But the impact doesn't end there. As children become educated, they not only change their own lives, but transform their families and communities as well. You can send a child to school, and you can change the world.

Joyce Nawaguma
Kampala, Uganda

Joyce Nawaguma noticed that many children in her community were unable to attend school. But where others had only seen a challenge, Joyce saw an opportunity. She started a school in a small garage with just 6 students. Today, nearly 400 children attend her school and they are thriving. And the impact Joyce is creating extends throughout her community. She employs nearly 25 teachers and assistants, and a number of her former students have continued on to postsecondary or vocational training. With three loans from Opportunity, Joyce built a latrine for her students, created living space for her teachers who can't afford rent in the city and purchased a van for student transportation and field trips. Her school is flourishing, and Opportunity International is providing the resources Joyce needs to make her dreams possible.

With your support, Opportunity can grow and strengthen the schools created by talented and dedicated entrepreneurs like Joyce. The school proprietors working with Opportunity in Uganda, for example, are enrolling nearly 25 percent more students as a result of our loans! Make a difference for a child and help her achieve her dreams. Send a child to school today!

When You Invest in One Child

You give her the chance for a healthier, more hopeful future. Education empowers children to break free from the cycle of poverty and make a sustainable difference in their lives, their families and their communities.

At Opportunity International, we offer unique support to schools and students through our Education Finance initiative. Parents are able to afford their children’s tuition with the assistance of customized school fee loans. And school proprietors can access loans and training from Opportunity International to expand their schools and hire more teachers. You can read more about us and our education work here.

Join the Movement

Together, we are making a sustainable difference in the lives of thousands of children around the world. We want you to be a part of the movement too. Send a child to school with us!

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