I want to help Opportunity clients and staff in Southern Africa during this devastating time with a gift of:

In cases where donations exceed what is needed for a specific initiative, we promise to honor your generosity by using
your gift where it will have the most impact on building sustainable livelihoods for those living in poverty.


The devastating storm has left hundreds of people injured, missing, or dead while more than 2.6 million are cut off from roads, telephones, and electricity. Opportunity’s teams in Malawi and Mozambique are working diligently to connect with our clients, their families, and communities to assess the damage to their homes, farms, and access to food and clean water. On behalf of all of our staff and clients enduring this crisis, thank you for your support. We are committed to standing alongside our African brothers and sisters as they continue to endure the aftermath of this tragedy and begin to look toward rebuilding their livelihoods.