Empower a neighbor to be a change-maker

Opportunity clients are often the leaders in their communities; the ones who spearhead big projects, movements, and transformation. But when people live in poverty, they can’t create the wide-scale change that their neighborhoods so desperately need. Your gift today will help our neighbors in Latin America receive the loans, training, and support they need to provide for their families and be change-makers for their communities.

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Meet Your Neighbors

Hi, I’m Emiledis!

Emiledis San Martin is many things: a single mom, a hardworking business owner, a natural leader, and a force for change in her community. Inspired to improve her neighborhood of Girasoles, Colombia, she used the leadership skills she learned in her Opportunity Trust Group to launch the Girasoles Community Project. Together, she and her neighbors funded and built a community center, tackling everything from architectural plans, to fundraising, to managing the construction crew. Now, because of Emiledis’ leadership and her neighbors’ dedication, Girasoles has a beautiful new space that serves as a school for kids, an educational center for adults, and an open space for neighborhood activities—and they are just getting started.


Hi, I’m Auilda!

Auilda Cruz had one big dream: to open a wildly inclusive school where all students could learn, regardless of their abilities. Equipped with teaching experience and a savings account, loan, and specialized training from an Opportunity partner, Auilda opened Colegio Evangelico to serve the children in her community in the Dominican Republic and support her own two kids at home. Today, she employs 23 of her neighbors and serves 100 students, a quarter of whom have special needs. Because of Auilda and her team, children who were declared nonverbal are now speaking, and others who never had friends can now happily socialize. Now, Auilda’s dreams are getting even bigger. She wants to build a science lab, a technology center, and new classrooms to accommodate more students.


Hi, I’m Damaris!

The Los Mercados community in Nicaragua was suffering. Without adequate infrastructure and electricity, 200 families in the neighborhood couldn’t access fresh water. Some people walked three hours to buy barrels of water, while others woke in the middle of the night when demand was lowest with the hopes of seeing fresh water run from their faucets. Eventually, Damaris Arias (left) decided enough was enough. She wanted her son and the other children in the community to enjoy clean water, so she spearheaded an initiative to restore a 40-year-old aqueduct using a loan and support from Opportunity. Everyone in Los Mercados worked together to repair the system and dig new trenches, and today fresh water flows to every home.