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Empower a Woman

One out of every two people on this planet struggles to feed and educate their children. When powered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives. For 40 years, Opportunity International has provided the savings, loans, training and insurance that all people need to create a better future for their families and their communities.

About this project

Will You Partner with Us to Change Her Future?

Women represent an estimated 70% of those living on less than $2 dollars a day. They do 66% of the world’s work and receive only 10% of the pay. Yet despite these harsh realities, women have consistently shown inspiring resilience and determination to change their own world and create a better future for their children and families.

Opportunity’s powerful financial tools address the most pressing needs of women— their livelihoods, education, health, stability and security— helping to unlock potential and equip each with the means to move beyond poverty. Women in the developing world are ready and waiting for the financial services and training they need to get an education, build a business, and establish a more secure life.

Here’s how you can help empower women and provide opportunity.

Your support will help

By contributing to Opportunity's Global Microfinance Initiative, you are helping to expand access to financial services to enable more people in 22 countries to secure savings, borrow capital for their businesses, receive training to develop professional and life skills, and to purchase insurance to protect their assets. With three billion people living on less than $2 a day around the world, our mission is to empower people to work their way out of chronic poverty, transforming their lives, their children's futures and their communities.

Opportunity International will use your gifts where they can have the greatest impact.

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