• HelpHER Level: $100 can help a woman get the add-on training she needs to thrive, in areas such as health, leadership, financial and digital literacy

• ConnectHER Level: $500 or more can help a woman access a full package of business loan and holistic training that is uniquely suited to her needs. With this support, you will receive a beautiful bracelet handmade by our clients, mailed to your home

• LeadHER Level: $1,000 or more can help support a local staff person as they work with women on their journey out of poverty. With this support, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets to our annual Summit which will be held virtually from September 29 – October 2

• Governor Level: $5,000 or more can reach an entire group of women or youth. At this level of support, you will receive membership on our Board of Governors which includes:

o Exclusive updates on Opportunity’s programs and services
o The chance to help shape special Opportunity programs and events
o A network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for ending poverty