In cases where donations exceed what is needed for a specific initiative, we promise to honor your generosity by using
your gift where it will have the most impact on building sustainable livelihoods for those living in poverty.

As the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic impacts more communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we know that our clients & their children—some of the most vulnerable people in the world—will suffer. Without economic activity, livelihoods will come to a halt, and with poor health infrastructure and practices, lives will be taken. With schools closed in over 150 countries, both student health and learning will suffer. Opportunity and our partners are responding quickly to ensure that critical banking services continue to be available, digital and mobile access made easier, and loan repayment terms relaxed, where needed. We are working with school proprietors to go mobile where they can and reviewing loan repayments for struggling proprietors and parents.

Across our network, Opportunity staff are fanning out to be present, deliver services, build awareness of the pandemic and educate on preventive measures. In this unprecedented operating context, funds are needed for staff care—protective measures, travel and transportation, additional healthcare costs, staff welfare for unforeseen circumstances, and more.

We are committed to standing with our clients and our staff, being the bridge for your help to reach where it is most needed today.

Join us in responding to Opportunity’s COVID-19 Rapid Response efforts today.