As the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic reaches developing countries, our clients and their children—some of the most vulnerable people in the world—are suffering. With economic activity shut down, families living on day-to-day income from their small businesses are now unable to put food on the table. Their small savings accounts are being rapidly depleted, and hunger is now a more imminent threat than even the virus.

They need our help. In this unprecedented time, funds are needed to make sure clients stay safe, partners stay protected, schools stay open, and financial partners stay afloat.

Opportunity and our partners are responding quickly to ensure that clients stay healthy and critical banking services continue to be available. We are sharing health and hygiene information on all available channels. We are working to relax or defer loan repayments and continue lending where possible. We have written new curriculums for school leaders to help them keep their schools open and keep children learning at home. We are making sure people can use digital/mobile banking if they don’t already.

We are committed to keeping clients and partners afloat so they can survive the pandemic and thrive when this crisis is behind us.

Join us in responding to Opportunity’s COVID-19 Rapid Response efforts today.