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The Two Dollar Challenge - UMW Chapter

The Two Dollar Challenge - UMW Chapter

The Two Dollar Challenge - UMW Chapter

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The Two Dollar Challenge is an organization of students who are working to bring the realities of poverty into the public eye and find solutions to issues we are passionate about. Nearly half of the World's population lives on $2 a day or less. For one week we're asking students across the United States to join us. Challenge Week is an experience that offers students a glimpse into the lives of the other half of the world. Participants take on the challenge of living on $2 a day for five days while following a number of other rules. Throughout this week students raise both awareness about global poverty and funds to direct towards their chosen initiative. During the month of April (from April 3 to April 30), college and high school students across the country will participate in our program, directing Challenge Week on their respective campuses. Students at the University of Mary Washington and several other schools (including Indiana University, Northern Ohio University, and the University of Chicago) are thrilled to partner with Opportunity International in our efforts to alleviate poverty. Together, we aspire to raise at least $10,000(!) for Opportunity Trust Groups in Kenya and Columbia. Through our partnership with Opportunity International, the TDC will be able to provide the education, awareness and a true sense of impact for those who choose to participate in the initiative. We, as student leaders, become effective agents of change by raising funds for established NGOs, like Opportunity International, who have a successful track record in moving their clients out of poverty. This movement is meant to engage students in the fight against global poverty, to inspire students to take action, and to empower students with the skills and resources they need to make an effective difference. We look forward to sharing our experience with the OptINnow community in April!
Every dollar invested in Opportunity becomes $6 invested in microenterprises over the course of 5 years.

As loans are repaid, the money is lent to new entrepreneurs again and again, multiplying the impact of each dollar over time. Check out our estimate of your group's collective impact as your donations are recycled and reinvested!

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Opportunity International helps nearly 10 million unique clients in 22 countries.

By investing in entrepreneurs and providing financial services like loans, savings, insurance and training, Opportunity empowers people to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities.

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