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Celergo is a leading provider of International Payroll Management Services, supporting global companies with solutions to meet their payroll needs in 140+ countries. Being a Global company is not just about locations, it is about getting involved. We have a vested interest in the welfare of other countries and wellbeing of other people. Celergo’s employees have participated in numerous local and international charitable events. To learn more about Celergo, visit
Every dollar invested in Opportunity becomes $6 invested in microenterprises over the course of 5 years.

As loans are repaid, the money is lent to new entrepreneurs again and again, multiplying the impact of each dollar over time. Check out our estimate of your group's collective impact as your donations are recycled and reinvested!

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Opportunity International helps nearly 10 million unique clients in 22 countries.

By investing in entrepreneurs and providing financial services like loans, savings, insurance and training, Opportunity empowers people to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities.

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