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Make a bigger impact by introducing your friends, family and colleagues to our mission. Gift cards empower clients to build businesses, send their children to school and save for the future. Recipients can choose a client to help, and then follow their progress via email updates from Opportunity International. Gift card amounts start at $10.

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    $25 can help an entrepreneur purchase an everyday item to improve production.

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    $50 Can help a farmer obtain higher quality seed
    and fertilizer, enabling them to grow more food.

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    $150 can help an entrepreneur buy
    additional inventory to sell.

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    $1000 can fund school fee loans
    for 12 children.

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Terms & conditions

  • You must be a registered user of to purchase a gift card.

  • Gift card can only be redeemed on regarding charitable donations for Opportunity International clients profiled on the Website.

  • Gift card balances cannot be transferred.

  • Gift card transactions can only occur for the amount of the gift card balance.

  • Unused gift card funds will help support Opportunity's microfinance programs.

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