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Nicaragua Community Economic Development Fundraiser

Start an Opportunity International Fundraiser Lauren and I have decided this summer to help support Opportunity's work in Nicaragua by helping raise funds to address sustainable solutions for microentrepreneurs, their families and surrounding communities in this poverty stricken region of the world. Having visited the communities and with such a close family connection to the work being done here, we have been motivated to champion this cause and seek additional investment into these rural Nicaraguan communities. Opportunity is quickly working to finalize construction on a yucca processing plant that will help more than 1,000 farmers increase the value of their yucca crops before the next harvest. Opportunity's Entrepeneurship School - which helps rural kids earn technical degress in agriculture and hospitality - is also graduating its first class of students this year and needs support to help the graduating class transition to college or launch successful careers after graduation.

Where Donations Go

Today, we are at an exciting juncture with all of the programs in Nicaragua and your partnership could significantly impact our success. The Entrepreneurship school will graduate its first class in 2016. More farmers are being served than ever. The program has already surpassed its 2015 goal to serve 800 farmers. More than 1,000 are receiving training, a loan or market access. We are now doing everything possible to ensure that harvest is successful in the face of insufficient rainfall. Your timely support can help ensure the completion of classrooms and preparation for the first graduating class, and completion of the yucca processing plant before January harvest. You can help Nicaraguan families achieve many levels of transformation as they work their way out of poverty with dignity. With your partnership, we are empowering farmers to increase yields and income, students to build skills for the future, and communities to realize their own vision for sustainable livelihoods. On behalf of our clients, thank you!

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