Busch Systems

Start an Opportunity International Fundraiser Craig Busch, Founder and CEO of Busch Systems, is an eternally intrepid entrepreneur at heart. Not only has Craig started several companies, he was also awarded the Arch Brown Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2004. So when he heard about the work Opportunity International Canada is doing to help the entrepreneurial poor, it naturally resonated with him. A core belief at Busch Systems is; ‘People, Planet, Product.’ Which is why Craig and his team devote time, energy and money every year to supporting causes they believe in. At Opportunity International, empowering people is also key and the reason they do the work they do. In a traditional charity model, people are given food or money to fill a need. But the when the money is used up, the need remains. Opportunity International turns charity on its head, by empowering the poor to help lift themselves out of poverty. The greatest need in the developing world, particularly in Latin America and Africa, is something that westerners take for granted; access to financial capital. By providing entrepreneurs with small business loans, insurance, basic financial literacy training and savings accounts, Opportunity International offers this access to capital, which so eludes the poor. This sustainable model, provides poor entrepreneurs a hand-up to work their way out of poverty through their own efforts, rather than simply a hand-out. People can generate their own income, support their families and sometimes even employ their neighbours. Women are poor in disproportionately large numbers compared to men. Therefore, over 90% of Opportunity’s clients are women. When women in the developing world prosper; children are fed, they are sent to school, and everyone in the family has hope for the future. Finally, in support of both people and the planet, Opportunity provides agricultural loans (Agri-Finance) to farmers in Africa to feed themselves and develop sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation and irrigation techniques. With the first loan Craig Busch received in 1985 to start Busch Systems, he has been able to grow his vision into the company it is today. Helping the poor start a business with a micro finance loan through Opportunity International? That was an easy decision for Craig and Busch Systems to make.

Where Donations Go

Your gift to Opportunity will help people build their capacity in business and in life. For us, ‘hiring from within’ means identifying and developing talented people and cultivating them for leadership roles. Your financial support will help Opportunity continue to develop human capital, one of the most important contributions we make to the communities we serve.

About Opportunity International

Opportunity International provides small business loans, savings, insurance and training to over 14.3 million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in 22 countries use these financial services to start or expand a business, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbors and build a safety net for the future. Learn more.