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A fundraiser is a fun, easy and effective way to grow passion and support within your community.

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How it works

We've provided some easy-to-follow steps for creating a fundraiser. You'll learn how to determine a theme for your fundraiser, a specific cause, a monetary goal, and a way to share it with those who can help make everything possible.

1. Explore a Theme:

You can bolster your fundraiser’s success by aligning it with an event or situation. Below are some popular themes to consider:

  • Birthday Fundraisers


    Birthday Fundraisers

    You can use your birthday to help someone start a new life.

  • Running Fundraisers

    Fun Runs

    Running Fundraisers

    Coordinating a fun run is a way to show your support for those who rely on perseverance to break down daily obstacles.

  • Wedding Fundraisers


    Wedding Fundraisers

    You can help someone’s fight against poverty in lieu of receiving gifts from a traditional registry.

  • Classroom Fundraisers


    Classroom Fundraisers

    You can encourage your children to get their teachers and classmates involved.

2. discover a cause:

Which area coincides with your passion?

  • Support Women


    Your fundraiser will empower women to develop new roles as income earners and community leaders. With access to transformational training, and critical financial products such as savings, loans and insurance, women in poverty can build financial security and create stability for their families, often for the first time in their lives.

  • Support Education


    Your fundraiser will help Opportunity will bring new educational opportunities to children in impoverished neighborhoods. With financial support and business training, school proprietors can build schools and hire teachers, as well as add classrooms, meal services and lavatories. Opportunity’s school fee loans help parents with unpredictable incomes pay for tuition.

  • Support Technology


    Your fundraiser will help our clients overcome these obstacles by bringing our services where few, if any, exist—reaching the most marginalized, and engaging clients in their own communities.

  • Develop Leaders


    Your fundraiser will help people build their capacity in business and in life. For us, ‘hiring from within’ means identifying and developing talented people and cultivating them for leadership roles. Your financial support will help Opportunity continue to develop human capital, one of the most important contributions we make to the communities we serve.

  • Support Farmers


    Your fundraiser will help small-scale farmers move from subsistence to commercial farming so they can feed their families and their communities. Opportunity provides these farmers with affordable, convenient agricultural finance services and the technical assistance they need to grow more food and increase their profits.

3. Determine a Goal:

Consider how much is needed, the number of expected donors and how much they will likely contribute. Below are some examples of how your donation could be utilized:

  • Set a goal of 500 dollars

    $500 can fund a school’s loan to purchase of a refrigerator so they can offer lunches.

  • Set a goal of 1000 dollars

    $1000 can fund school fee loans for 12 children.

  • Set a goal of 1500 dollars

    $1500 helps provide loans to ten women.

  • Set a goal of 2000 dollars

    $2000 keeps a mobile bank on the road for 8 months

4. Share with Friends and Family:

Share your passion with those who can help you support an entrepreneur’s fight against poverty.

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