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Beatriz Santos

City: Cúcuta, Colombia Country: Colombia Loan Use: Fix the issues on the walls and remodel the restaurant
Loan Term: 96 Date Posted: July 24, 2017 First Repayment: November 29, 2016
Opportunity International Client Beatriz Santos

Beatriz is a hardworking single mother who lives with her two daughters in Cúcuta, Colombia. For several years, she has run her own restaurant where she sells a wide variety of homemade Colombian snacks and meals to earn a living. Although her restaurant is large and has many loyal customers, she has struggled to generate enough income to cover her daughters’ school fees as the sole breadwinner for her family. Beatriz dreamed of expanding her restaurant and making improvements to its structure, but she did not have the capital she needed and could not find the financial support she needed.

Everything began to change when she joined Opportunity International. She received valuable financial training and a loan that she used to remodel and fix some of the walls in her restaurant. Beatriz is proud that her business is thriving and she is happy to hear that her customers are happy with the improvements she has made. She hopes that she can save to give her daughters a quality education that will help them pursue their dreams, and Beatriz has dreams of her own, including opening more restaurants throughout her city.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do entrepreneurs become Opportunity International loan clients?

Opportunity International conducts interviews with prospective clients to get a better understanding of their situation, so we can construct a loan that’s tailored to their needs and capabilities.

If I help fund a loan, should I expect to be paid back?

When you help to fund a loan, you are making a donation to Opportunity International. When those funds are repaid by the client, the funds remain in the country where the original client’s loan was disbursed, so that it can help fund more loans. Your initial gift continues to have an impact after the first loan is repaid.