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Jacqueline Adyang

City: Githurai Country: Kenya Loan Use: Expand product inventory
Loan Term: 40 Date Posted: Jan. 16, 2009 First Repayment: Jan. 02, 2009
Opportunity International Client Jacqueline Adyang

Jacqueline Adyang serves a wide range of customers at her stationary supply store. She has owned and operated her store since 2003, progressively building a contingent of loyal customers. Area businessmen fill the aisles, winding their way through reams of paper that are neatly arranged next to stacks of ballpoint pens. Yet, these businessmen only make up a portion of Jacqueline’s client base. She has also networked with area schools to provide for their stationary needs.

Contracts with local schools have greatly expanded her business, guaranteeing large orders. In January, the schools will reopen after Christmas break. A loan of 20,000 ksh will allow Jacqueline to diversify her inventory and offer products to additional area schools. By securing these contracts, Jacqueline will grow her business even more.