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Sylvia Sankpi

City: Kojokrom Country: Ghana Loan Use: To purchase food supplements and ointments for sale
Loan Term: 32 Date Posted:  First Repayment: February 28, 2020
Opportunity International Client Sylvia  Sankpi

Sylvia Sankpi is an industrious mother of three children living in Ghana. She is the sole breadwinner of her family and has managed to provide schooling for all of her children, including the third child who is still in school. For the last eight years, Sylvia has owned a business selling food supplements in her community. She operated her supplement business from her car, selling to her community itinerantly. Though her business had become popular, she was struggling financially because her income was not great enough to provide for the needs of her family. Unfortunately, Sylvia’s car broke down around this time and she was forced to use the small capital she possessed to repair her car, leaving her with very little to manage her daily business proceedings. Desiring to improve her business and raise her income, Sylvia sought assistance through a loan with Opportunity International. Upon receiving her loan, she invested in purchasing more food supplements and including the sale of ointment to her business portfolio. Likewise, she received financial training from Opportunity International, teaching her the importance of saving and planning for the future. Since receiving her loan, Sylvia’s business has expanded to four workers, with hopes of adding more as her business continues to grow. Sylvia emphasizes the impact that Opportunity made in her business, improving not only her income and lifestyle but also those of her community. She is thankful for the support and financial assistance offered by Opportunity, and she is proud to be able to support her family well now that her business is thriving. With the continued support of Opportunity, Sylvia believes a bright future awaits her family, and she dreams of further expanding her business and securing a store-front for her business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do entrepreneurs become Opportunity International loan clients?

Opportunity International conducts interviews with prospective clients to get a better understanding of their situation, so we can construct a loan that’s tailored to their needs and capabilities.

If I help fund a loan, should I expect to be paid back?

When you help to fund a loan, you are making a donation to Opportunity International. When those funds are repaid by the client, the funds remain in the country where the original client’s loan was disbursed, so that it can help fund more loans. Your initial gift continues to have an impact after the first loan is repaid.

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