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Grace Icel

City: Onoto Ocao, Oyam District. Country: Uganda Loan Use: To buy a grinding machine
Loan Term: 24 Date Posted:  First Repayment: May 28, 2019
Opportunity International Client Grace Icel

Grace Icel lives in Onoto Ocao, Uganda, and is a single mother of seven children who also provides care for two orphans. To support her large family, Grace makes and sells roasted pork at the city’s large trading center. The roasted pork is very popular with customers, but because it cost Grace so much of her business income to raise and slaughter her own pigs, she was barely making enough to support her family’s daily needs. She worried if she would even be able to pay for her children’s school fees in time if something didn’t change in her financial situation. Grace’s business flourished when she received valuable financial training as well as her first loan from Opportunity International. With her loan, she was able to purchase livestock instead of rearing her own pigs. This increased the amount of pork that she could roast and sell in a day and greatly increased her weekly sales. Her business became so successful that she was able to hire two employees to help her with the food preparation and serving customers. Grace is excited that this business growth has allowed her to afford all of her family’s daily necessities without worry. Grace would like to use her next loan to purchase a maize-grinding machine for the business so that she can begin to sell corn dishes in addition to her roasted meat. She dreams of saving up enough money to send all nine of her children to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do entrepreneurs become Opportunity International loan clients?

Opportunity International conducts interviews with prospective clients to get a better understanding of their situation, so we can construct a loan that’s tailored to their needs and capabilities.

If I help fund a loan, should I expect to be paid back?

When you help to fund a loan, you are making a donation to Opportunity International. When those funds are repaid by the client, the funds remain in the country where the original client’s loan was disbursed, so that it can help fund more loans. Your initial gift continues to have an impact after the first loan is repaid.

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